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URBANISTA Comparison Review : Berlin VS. Seattle

August 3, 2017

Music is a vital part of my life. I don’t think I can ever go a day without it as I deeply rely on it to get any work done. Listening to music can bring us places and let’s all be honest, there are others who actually turn to music and make it their life. It’s simply amazing how it can transcend all things. And so with that, I also want to make sure that the device I’m using can produce an amazing sound to make the experience all the more better!

I recently shopped with DXB.NET, a tech and lifestyle online store based in Dubai. They’re my new go-to online shopping platform as they provide so many choices of tech and lifestyle gadgets! If you guys want to know more about them, you can read up on The 5 Reasons Why You Should Shop for your tech and lifestyle gadgets with them.

Anyhow, I was on the search for a good brand of headsets and of course, I found them at DXB.NET no less. I got myself the Urbanista Berlin, a bluetooth earphone and the Urbanista Seattle, a bluetooth headphone with touch features! I got them both for 2 reasons; for one, I wanted something that I can use on a regular basis and two, I wanted something that I can bring with me when I travel. Now, if you’re planning to purchase either one of these at DXB.NET, of course, I wouldn’t miss writing a review for both.

Do take note that I’m no expert at this, everything I state on here are all based on my experience while using these headsets. I will be honest at everything I write about these products, so you don’t have to worry about me being biased and all that. So without further chitchat, let’s begin. P.S You can watch my Youtube Video at the end of this post.




Product Description

The Urbanista Berlin I got is in rose gold, but they do come in other colours such as Dark Clown, Blue Petroleum and Fluffy Cloud.

• Bluetooth: 4.1
• Speaker size: φ13.2mm
• Sensitivity: 100dB ±3dB SPL @1KHz
• Impedance: 50ohms
• Frequency: 20-20.000Hz
• Hands-free with microphone and volume control
• Stand-by time: 300h
• Play time: 4h
• Charging: Micro USB, about 1, 5h charging time
• Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows
• Weight: 12g (without packaging)
• Weight including packaging: 98g
• Package size: 200x200x85mm
• Packaging size: 100x31x120mm


• Very handy to use and carry around.
• Earphones can be joined magnetically around the neck.
• Quick charge.
• Sound is amazingly crisp and loud with a good bass.
• Convenient to use for calls as well.
• Easy to use mic and volume control.
• Soft silicone ear buds that’s gentle on the ear.
• For a more fit and better sound quality experience, you can change it up to the GoFit earbud• replacement.
• Very durable, definitely great for everyday use.
• Standby mode is more than 150 hours.
• Bluetooth is easy to pair to device. Once it’s paired, connection is as quick as a flash.


• Can only play for up to 4 hours, which means you have to charge every four hours once it’s low battery.
• If used to run/exercise, the mic and volume control (located on the right side) is a bit too heavy, so there’s a tendency for it to fall off. But you can always use the left earphone.




Product Description

I chose the dark clown for this headset because black was the colour that will match anything. Plus, if I travelled, I don’t need to worry about it getting easily dirty. Like the Urbanista Berlin, they come in blue petroleum, fluffy cloud and rose gold.

• Bluetooth: 4.1
• Speaker size: φ40mm
• Sensitivity: 102+/-3dB at 1Khz 1mW
• Impedance: 26+/-15% at 1Khz
• Frequency: 20-20.000Hz
• Hands-free with microphone
• Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows
• Weight: 172g (without packaging)
• Weight including packaging: 566g
• Package size: 200x200x85mm


• The feel of the material is soft. Headphones has a memory foam that’s very comfy on the ears.
• Has adjustable head bands.
• Has a touch feature (on the right headphone) that’s very convenient while using the headset.
• Has an extra cord if you don’t want to use the bluetooth option; which means you can still use the headset with the bluetooth option off.
• The extra cord can also be connected to another Seattle headset if you want to share music.
• Play time is 12 hours. Perfect for long use.
• Charging time is quite fast too, about an hour.
• Standby time if over 500 hrs.
•  Very durable and I can’t stress this enough! If you’re the type who’s always on the go, then this is the prefect headset for you.
• Perfect for travel.
•  Sound is unbelievably good and out of this world. The noise cancellation is amazing, has a very crisp sound and an outstanding bass!


• Bulky.
• The touch feature is not very sensitive when swiping back and forth for the next or previous song. It would take about 2-3 tries. However, it’s not such a big inconvenience because you can always control your music on your device.

Final Verdict

I love both my Urbanista earphones and I’m very satisfied with them! I use Berlin when I go out and I don’t really mind having to charge it everyday. I still get to use for a whole days because I only listen to music when I commute. Otherwise, it just sits idle inside my bag. As for the Seattle headphones, I’d say it’s probably the best headphones I’ve tried! To tell you the truth, I’ve tried the classic Beats by Dre and the Skullcandy, but the sound quality of this one is one of a kind! If you’re a music junkie, I urge you to try out these headphones!

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