[VIDEO] Press On Nails: Do They Really Work?

September 15, 2017
Press On Nails

After posting this picture on Instagram, I received a couple of questions on how these press on nails work. I’ve always been a fan of imPress ever since 2012 when a good friend has introduced them to me.

There came a point in my life (2012) where I got so obsessed with french manicures. But let’s face it. Getting your manicures done every two weeks can get a little hefty. So I learned to do my own french nails but that took a lot of time! Plus, I hated the fact that they’d chip off so quickly! I hated having chipped nail polish, so if I see one that’s been chipped, I end up removing everything event though the other nails are still in great condition.

Press On Nails

And then imPress press on nails was introduced to me and it changed my manicure game forever! For one, they’re so easy to apply. Second, they don’t chip at all and they can last for 2 weeks! Lastly but not the least, they’re not that expensive too. Once pack contains 24-30 nails (depending on the design) which means one pack is good for a month.

If you want to know more about these press on nails, watch the video below and see how I applied these imPress press on nails. I’ve also covered a couple of questions such as, how to remove them, will they damage your nails, do they easily come off and many more.

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You can purchase these press on nails at all Carrefour, Spinneys and major pharmacies around Dubai. I should warn you though, that prices differ depending on the designs and also where you purchase them. I personally noticed that sometimes, they are more expensive in pharmacies. So I suggest purchase them at Carrefour or Spinneys.

Have you tried these press on nails before? What do you think?

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