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Prepare For Your Armenia Trip

April 3, 2017

Visiting a new country is fun. However it’s the preparation that takes up a lot of work; especially if you don’t know what to expect once you arrive at your destination. And because I recently traveled to Armenia last November 2016, I decided to share a few tips that I hope will help you, if you plan to visit the country some time soon.

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia is approximately 3 hours from Dubai Airport, Terminal 2. You can book your flight through Fly Dubai which leaves Dubai Airport; or Air Arabia which leaves Sharjah Airport. If you ask me, I’d recommend you to book for Fly Dubai to avoid any traffic at the Dubai-Sharjah Road.

If you’re holding a Philippine passport, then you’re qualified to a visa upon arrival. But as far as my research has gone, majority of the countries are entitled a visa upon arrival. However, if you want to double check your visa entitlement, you can visit their website here. The cost of visa upon arrival in Armenia is only 6 US Dollars.

What To Prepare Before Departure

Around 350-400 USD
This is enough for one person who’s going to stay in Armenia for a week. It is inclusive of tour packages, gifts and meals. Food is very cheap and might I say, very delicious, so don’t miss out on trying their traditional dishes.

Exchange at least 25,000AMD (50USD) Per Person
Before leaving Dubai, try to find a money exchange that sells Armenian Dram (AMD). You will need to pay some fees before you even pass the immigration point at Yerevan Airport. Although there is an available money changer at the airport, exchange rate is quite expensive.

Travel Details
Print out a copy of your hotel reservation and make sure you have the full address of the hotel you’re going to stay at during your time in Yerevan. Immigration officers might ask you to show your booking, so be sure that you have an extra copy to provide. Sometimes, they’ll also ask for the purpose of your visit. Most of the time, they won’t, however, it’s always better to be prepared.

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Arrival at Yerevan Airport

Get Excited!
You’ve arrived at a beautiful country and you’re about to meet the very warm hearted people of Armenia. Not to mention you’ll be gulping on some good wine and taking a bite of their scrumptious food! I mean, what’s not there to get excited about when you visit a new country anyway? 🙂

Fill up Your Visa Application Form
Just before the immigration booths, you will see a couple of long tables where you can acquire the form you need to fill out for your Visa. On the form, you will see that there is a space for a passport sized photo, don’t worry you don’t need to provide one. Remember that hotel reservation I was telling you above, you’re going to provide that on your application. BE CAUTIOUS while filling out your form. There will be other travelers who will copy your hotel reservation details and this actually happened to us. NEVER give out such details even if you’re from the same country. It’s better safe than sorry.

Pay The Visa Fee > Immigration
Once you’re done, line up at the visa issuing counter, and pay the 3000AMD (6.20$) which you’ve already exchanged in advance. It only takes about 5 minutes for them to stamp your visa. When you’ve finished, you can walk over to the immigration. Immigration officers won’t ask a lot of questions unless they sense something suspicious. Otherwise, the only questions they’ll ask is the number of day’s you’ll be staying in Armenia.

Buy a Sim Card For Your Internet
If you don’t have data roaming services, you can buy a sim card right before you exit the airport. Viva Cell is the only sim brand that you’ll find at the airport. It will cost you 3500AMD (7.23$) for the sim card and a data of 3gb for the whole month which I believe is worth it. We weren’t even able to consume the whole package before we left and take note, 3 people were sharing the data. (3gb will be enough for you for a week just as long as you DON’T STARE AT YOUR PHONE DURING YOUR WHOLE TRIP!)

Last but not the least, get out the airport and get ready for an adventure!!

Hope you guys found this useful and I also hope you enjoy Armenia as much as we did!

xo, Bianca

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