Must Have Lifestyle Gadgets to Take On Your Next Staycation

August 27, 2017
Must Have Gadgets

Whenever my family and I go on a weekend staycations, I still bring a bunch of gadgets with me. And while chargers, power banks and your good ol’ mp3 players are the basic bunch to bring, I do have my personalized list when I travel to anywhere at all. Here’s my must have items to bring on every weekend getaway (and I think it should be yours too).

Happy Plugs 2 meter iPhone Charger

Must Have Gadgets

I have three dilemmas when it comes to iPhone chargers. 1. They are too short! 2. Sometimes, hotels don’t have the friendliest sockets (they tend to be too faraway from your reach). 3. They break so easily and I don’t know why Apple hasn’t done anything about this issue yet. My happy plugs charger takes care of all those 3! It’s 2 meters long which means that if the electric sockets in the hotel is too far from the bed, I won’t have to worry about reaching for my phone. And third, because of Happy Plugs material, my worries of having a broken charger in 2 months, have simply gone down the drain.



Must Have Gadgets

This is the one thing I cannot live without. I bring my camera with me all the time. There are times when I just want to take random photos and videos at random moments. Also, I’ve been vlogging lately and I just want to capture as much as I can, when I can. It’s a really good way to look back on things you’ve done and experienced. There was a time in my life when I stopped taking photos and suddenly, I felt so empty. My camera is my best friend.

JBL Waterproof Speakers

Must Have Gadgets

These are the best waterproof speakers ever! I tried them when I went to Fujairah and my cousin couldn’t stop experimenting with it. We dunked it right into a pool, swam with it on the ocean and more. It still works perfectly! The speaker floats and plays music just as a normal speaker would, but if you submerge it, the music will stop playing. Once it’s out of the water, it plays normally again. The sound is amazing, it’s loud and has a great bass too! Bluetooth connectivity operating distance is 10 meters. Now, every time we head off for the weekend, I always make sure I have my speakers with me.

Urbanista Headset

Must Have Gadgets

If I want to bask under the sun with just a book and no interruptions, I bring my Urbanista Seattle headphones with me. This beast plays music for 12 hours, has touch features, noise cancellation, and a sound that is out of this world! Any music lover will absolutely love these headphones and I am telling you, you are missing out if you do not have this on your must have gadgets!


These are the top gadgets on my list whenever my family and I go out of town and even out of the country. What are yours?


  • Hi Bianca,
    Everything on your list are perfect for a getaway. I also make sure that I put everything that I need for my trip.

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