June Favourites: Lipstick Edition β™₯

July 15, 2017

More than any makeup products, lipsticks are my absolute kryptonite. The moment I enter a cosmetic store, I’d be on the lipstick rack in a flash! I even reached a point where it got worse while I was in the Philippines (cosmetics are hella cheaper). I hoarded so much, barely even used them; and the moment I saw another shade that I “needed”, I eventually ended up having to throw them out because I neglected them for more than 2 years πŸ™

So I grew up and have been trying to live a “minimalistic” life and only really focus on the things that I currently have and I try work with them. I still have a couple of lipsticks here, can’t deny that, but I’ve got a few favourites that I absolutely adore. The main reason why I have them is because I can mix and match the colours πŸ™‚ Here’s a few of them.

MAC in Velvet Teddy & DIVA

lipsticksleft – right: Velvet Teddy & DIVA

These are a few of my favourites from MAC because I can wear them as it is and I can create different shades at the same time. The velvet teddy is a nude shade, so my lipsticks which are on the dark side can easily be toned down πŸ™‚

Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry (225) and Standout (250)

lipsticksleft-right: Sultry & Standout

I wouldn’t really classify this as a matte lipstick because it’s not. It’s got a more satin finish than matte and it’s also not long lasting, so don’t be fooled. I still like this because somehow, it does help moisturize your lips while still giving you that pop of colour. It’s also got that cooling sensation upon application (which I’m not a fan of, but it’s okay), so if you prefer the cooling elements in your lipbalm/lipsticks, then this should be the perfect choice for you!


Colorpop in Bianca and Times Square

lipstickstop – bottom: Bianca & Times Square

When I’m feeling a little dainty, I use the ultra matte lip in Bianca as it gives off a very nice pink colour for someone who has a warm undertone πŸ™‚ When I’m feeling like I need to be on the nude side of life, my top choice is Times Square. It’s very difficult to acquire that perfect nude or even a light pink shade with my skin tone and the moment I found these babies, I’m sticking to them for life! (Or maybe until I discover a new shade hehe)

Peri Pera’s Ink Velvet in 1 and 7

lipstickstop – bottom: 1 & 7

Last but not the least, these are my current favourites, and I think it’ll be my all time fave! I got these when I was in Seoul a couple of months ago and it’s worth every penny! It’s a liquid lip tint with a velvety finish that’s impressively long lasting! I love how it feels so light, almost like you’re not wearing any lipstick product at all!

What’s your favourite lip products? I’d love to know so share them with me on the comments below!


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