Why I’m Quitting Instagram

July 11, 2017

And when I say quitting, I mean, I’m going to quit being obsessed with all the algorithm, followers, likes and engagements. I’m going to quit trying to be what social media wants me to be. Instagram has been pretty toxic and it has definitely taken a toll on me.

I still remember when Instagram used to be a genuine community, a platform where we could find new friends and be able to share beautiful moments and our creative pursuits. There’s was no race for who has the most followers, likes or comments. Who we are as a person and being genuine wasn’t judged by the numbers shown on our accounts.

Now, all of that has drastically changed ever since Facebook took hold of Instagram. So many users have become worried because they’re experiencing less engagement. They’re not getting any more likes, followers and comments. This change of algorithm has got users to create a group message to boost their posts. The less likes they got, the unhappier they became. And to be honest, I too was part of so many Instagram groups just so I could boost the engagement on my posts. Because let’s face it, it feels good to get more likes, followers and comments. It’s addicting. The higher the number, the better and the happier we are. Which I can now see as something very SHALLOW, also #instantgratification #notgood

A few days back, I decided to slowly step away from Instagram. Not only was it ruining my creativity, I’m not going to lie, but it’s also made me feel insecure about the content I post. When I see other people’s photos and how good they are, I started to compare myself to others. Which was bad. So, at first, I decided to stop posting. And then I decided to remove myself from Instagram pods, engagement groups, group messages or whatever the hell you call them. And lastly, I’m on a mission to spend less time on Instagram and focus instead on my growth rather than trying to grow my followers.

I’m still going to post on Instagram, although sporadically because I still want to share whatever’s going on in my life or as long as it’s relevant i.e when I have collaborations etc. But to post because I want more followers, likes, comments just to bring up my engagement? I’m going to make sure it’s not going to happen anymore. I don’t want it to be about numbers anymore. I don’t want my happiness, even a temporary one to be because I got 200 likes on one of my photos.Β For now, I’m going to focus on what I’ve always wanted to do. Blog/vlog. Share my experiences, my thoughts, my opinions, the adventures I’m going to take etc. etc. I want to be able to really communicate with my readers/audience through my stories and not through numbers.

As a blogger/vlogger, I’d like to be a pillar of hope to those who are still starting in this industry to not be afraid to do things HONESTLY and to be themselves. At the end of the day, what you want as b/vloggers is for your readers to trust you. So really, it doesn’t matter if you have a hundred, a thousand or a million likes, followers or comments. If all those are fake, then maybe your personality is just as fake as those numbers.

So, wherever you are, whatever you do, and as long as you’re honest about your work and as a person, everything will fall into place. Don’t let social media dictate the kind of posts you want to put out there. Don’t let it ruin your creativity. And most especially NEVER EVER let those numbers dictate who you are. You are way more valuable than those numbers.


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