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Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis : How I Survive & Control It

Sleep paralysis isn’t pretty. I experience it on a regular basis and if luck isn’t on my side, I experience it every night. It’s the worst thing in the world and up until today there is no proven fact or concrete reason as to…

July 13, 2017

Why I’m Quitting Instagram

And when I say quitting, I mean, I’m going to quit being obsessed with all the algorithm, followers, likes and engagements. I’m going to quit trying to be what social media wants me to be. Instagram has been pretty toxic and it has definitely…

July 11, 2017

Life Lately

I can’t believe we’re on our 5th month of the year. How did that happen? Somehow it still feels like January was just yesterday. But let’s move on, I guess I just have to accept that time is funny like that…slow when you want…

May 28, 2017

GoCash Cards, A Series of Unfortunate Events

Β If you don’t know what a GoCash card is, it’s basically like a debit card. But they call it a prepaid credit card where you can insert an amount of money in different currencies such as US Dollars, Yen, Dirhams, Canadian Dollars and so…

April 20, 2017