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Let’s Talk Henna

Henna isn’t just about the design. It’s also about the how tidy and elegant the work is. I’ve been getting my henna’s since I was 7 so I know when a person is meticulous and serious about the craft. I remember it still being…

October 17, 2017
Collaboration Lifestyle

The Cafรฉ Series: Dusty’s

Breakfast is the most important part of the day. Skipping it is a no-no because it gives us the fuel we need to power through the day. I’m not a morning person but if you ask me what my favorite time of the day…

October 11, 2017
Free Resources Lifestyle

5 Ways I Stay Inspired

Staying inspired to keep creating content for my blog and Youtube channel, isn’t exactly the easiest thing. I also experience a creative block and sometimes, the moment I get into a slump, it’s very difficult to get out of it. I also have days…

July 7, 2017
Collaboration Lifestyle

5 Reasons Why You Should Shop With DXB.NET

Online shopping is fun! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy it? It saves you time from walking around the mall and gives you the luxury of just waiting in the comfort of your own home until your products arrive. However,ย there will always be a risk…

June 12, 2017
May Favourites
Beauty Lifestyle

May Favourites

I finally have products that qualify for this May favourites post! I can’t wait to shareย some of the products I’ve been loving the past month. I’ve got some Korean beauty products, accessories a gadget and a few stationary items. Go ahead, check them out!…

June 8, 2017