The Café Series: Revo Cafe

August 5, 2017
Revo Cafe

Hey everyone! I’m starting a new series here on my blog called The Café Series! I’ll be out and about in Dubai visiting random cafés and checking out if they’re worth visiting at all 😉 I’m in love with tea, coffee and desserts and in fact, these cafés play a big role on what I do today. Somehow, there’s just something about cafés that helps me concentrate on my writing, especially when I’m brainstorming for new ideas. And of course, as the main goal of my blog and vlogs is to share my experiences, I cannot wait to share this new project of mine with all of you! So whether you’re a local, a tourist, or someone who just loves cafés as much as I do, I hope that you’ll enjoy my posts!

Moving on, for my first post for this series, let’s take a look at Revo Cafe. The coffee shop is located at Anantara Hotel, The Palm. It’s not the most convenient location because to get there, you’re going to need a car. If you don’t want to spend a lot on cabs, you can take the Palm Jumeirah Monorail (take the tram and get off at Palm Jumeirah Tram Station), get off at Atlantis and then take a cab going to Anantara, the taxi will cost you around AED15-20

My friends, Corbie, Abeer and I decided to check out Revo Cafe because they were having an offer of unlimited coffee with a piece of cake for only AED35; which was obviously a steal! The great part was, you can switch up the choice of your coffee every now and then, which means, you don’t need to stick to a cup of cappuccino all throughout your stay 🙂 Their promotion is still going on until now, so I suggest you guys check it our before it’s over! Now let’s get on to the real deal.


Revo Cafe

For the first round, I had a cup of their hot latte and the second round I got an iced latte. Yes, I love espressos splashed with hot steamed milk and occasionally, with ice. I’d say the coffee was a little bland yet still a little bitter at the same time; it could use more body to the flavour. I like my coffee bitter sweet, where you can feel the kick of caffeine yet still enjoy a little sweetness with it. Even the iced latte tasted the same. But I think it’s made this way because the cakes had that little kick of extra sweetness. So the pair was a great combo.


Revo Cafe

Revo Cafe

Revo Cafe’s menu is not limited to just pastries and coffee. In fact, they also have a variety of appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches and main courses. You can check out the rest of their menu here. I didn’t try out the rest of their main menu because as I mentioned earlier, we were there for the coffee 🙂 First off, the slice of cake you were going to get for 35AED was absolutely worth your money! It’s a huge piece that’s good for about 3-4 cups of coffee. I got the carrot cake (fave!) and Abeer, got herself a slice of some good ol’ fashioned tiramisu. The carrot cake was HEAVEN! During my free time, I also bake so I kinda have a hunch on what a good cake/pastry should feel and taste like (I got it from my grammy). Moving on, the carrot cake was very moist and I especially loved the perfect balance and mix of nuts in the cake. Others would have so much, it’s like you’re having nut cake 🙁 The cream cheese frosting was just the right touch. Not too mushy, a little sweet but it’s nothing that the coffee can’t fix. The tiramisu was just as tasty and flavourful as the carrot cake. The only difference is that, the tiramisu had a fluffier consistency than the carrot cake, which is a lighter choice if you don’t want to feel instantly full.


Revo Cafe

Revo Cafe reminded me of a cosy cabin giving off the urban and rustic feel because of its warm vintage lights, wooden tables and bookshelves (you can borrow a book to read as well!) you’ll instantly fall in love with the place. They had floor to ceiling windows which brought in the natural light that I know most bloggers and/or photographers would always prefer. The whole place was very simple, it didn’t have to make an extra effort for you to feel at home. It’s one of the places you know you’d like to hang out alone, with friends or family for a simple afternoon delight or a chill night out.

RATING: 3.5 / 5

I’m rating Revo Cafe a 3.5 because for one, it’s not the most convenient location; you really have to get out of your own way for this one. Second, the taste of coffee, it wasn’t the best thing out there because like I said earlier, it was bland and it didn’t taste as fresh as I expected. The cake however, was amazing, so I can’t say anything about that, plus the size of it for the price and flavour was pretty reasonable. The overall feel of the place was great. The service was a little slow though. When I returned to the cafe for the 2nd time and ordered a quinoa salad, it took almost 30-45 minutes to serve. Still, the quinoa salad tasted great.

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