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The Café Series: Dusty’s

October 11, 2017

Breakfast is the most important part of the day. Skipping it is a no-no because it gives us the fuel we need to power through the day. I’m not a morning person but if you ask me what my favorite time of the day is, it’s definitely breakfast. As long as there’s fluffy french toasts, eggs, hot coffee or tea, avocados, then I’ll be up as early as a bird.

If you’re looking for something to spice up your breakfast, then you’re missing out if you haven’t tried having them at Dusty’s

Before anything though, I want to inform you that Dusty’s is only serving breakfast until 11am. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get rollin’!

Food & Drinks

So Dusty’s breakfast menu is divided in two. The Morning Fuel and The Super Food Corner. You can expect a really heavy breakfast with The Morning Fuel with a selection of steaks and salmon. If you’re a little health conscious, The Super Food Corner is your best bet. It shows you how many calories you’re about to consume. If you want to take a quick look at their menu, you can do so by clicking here.

Dusty’s Bacon & Eggs

Wanna eat breakfast like a king? Then have Dusty’s best seller, bacon and eggs. Hold that. It’s not just any other bacon. It’s actually steak with poached eggs, mushroom, potatoes and toast, drizzled with truffle oil! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes, it tastes like heaven!

Poached Free Range Eggs & Avocado


I have a weird obsession with avocados and so everytime I see it on the menu, I don’t even have to think about what I have to order. I should automatically have it. So I was a little disappointed when I took a bite. The toast was a little too hard (I hope it’s not like that all the time!), which instantly made me feel full. But thankfully, the avocados, eggs and the salad were there to the rescue! The three were a match made in heaven!

Posh Beans on Toast


Sweet, salty and savoury; all three flavors in one. If you’re in a mood to experience a burst of flavors in one go, then this is your best choice! You’ve got some toast, poached eggs, mixed beans and feta cheese. It’s very filling and even if you’re the type who can’t finish a single serving of breakfast, I assure you, you’ll sweep this plate clean! Yup. That’s how good it is!

French Toast

This is the second time I’m having this french toast, and I am going to say it again, THEY HAVE THE BEST FRENCH TOAST I’VE EVER TASTED. I am not even kidding. I’ve had french toasts from other cafes but nothing comes close to this. It’s so fluffy, flavorful and it’s something that you’d want to have again and again. This is the king of all french toasts I guess.

Cappuccino and Apple & Elderflower Tea

If you ever want to spend a quiet morning with just a cup of coffee or your choice of tea, then by all means do so. With Dusty’s outdoor seatings and the cooler winds about the arrive, you’ll surely enjoy every sip. They have a great selection of coffee and teas so you’ll definitely have an amazing time alone or with friends.

RATING: 2.7/5

Dusty’s is situated in a very business setting. And although they had outside seating to  breathe in the fresh air, you might not be able to do that comfortably. Especially if you don’t smoke. There were quite a few smokers when we had breakfast, and it wasn’t the most comfortable setting. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the avocado toast, was a little hard. The rest of the food, the drinks and customer service was great!

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